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Hi, I'm Lindsay. My pronouns are she/her.

I'm very passionate about what I do, which is a lot. My longest-standing passion is in theatre (I have a BFA in it), but I'm also happy to nerd out about Human Design at literally any moment, and I love creating color-focused abstract art.

Lindsay in a blue jacket and a black hat looking into the camera and smiling. Background: Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Lindsay Weaver

I used to be what I call a "job hopper." Over the course of a decade, I have had a myriad of jobs, ranging from retail, to reception, to apartment leasing, to secretary work, back to retail, to dog walking, to retail again, but I never found a good resting place. I craved doing what I love, on my own terms, and to be in charge of my own schedule.

Meanwhile, I carried a starving artist mentality. I've never felt like I've been good with handling money, and whenever I got any, it felt like it just ran through my fingers like water. I've dealt with a lot of low self-esteem, feeling unsupported in my passions, not feeling confident enough to speak up for myself when I've been criticized, and carrying a low perception of my body image.

After hearing about PSYCH-K® and learning about its benefits, I decided to gift myself a few remote sessions from another facilitator in 2020. When I came downstairs after the first session, my husband looked at me, astonished, and said, "Lindsay. You look like a different person!" And I have to say, I really felt like a different person! The following sessions were no less impactful. Now I feel so much more free to be myself, I feel so much more confident with money (and my bank account agrees!), and subconscious stress I was carrying in my body from past trauma, including that from a childhood car accident, is no longer present.


I decided pretty immediately that I wanted to learn how to use this tool, and I wanted to share it with other people. I feel honored being able to hold space during a PSYCH-K® session, offering guidance when needed or requested, and letting inspiration come to both of us to really take the session to the farthest stretches of possibility. While other jobs have felt draining, PSYCH-K®, to me, is totally energy-giving.

I hope you're curious enough to give it a try, because I would absolutely love to share this experience with you.

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